Identity Based Habits

Most of the time we base our habits around what we want to do rather than who we want to be.  When we do that, our habit change can often be surface level and usually ends once we hit our goal.  

What if we started with a different question?  Who do I want to BE?  If we start here, what we do springs from who we are. The change continues long after we meet our goals because it is more about being than doing.  It might look something like this…

I want to be an efficient person.  Therefore, I will build the habit of planning my time for 5 minutes at the start of the day.  

Or maybe this…

I want to be an artist.  Therefore, I will work on my art every Saturday afternoon.

If we focus on what we want to be, habit forming takes a more positive focus. This mindset works especially well when you are breaking a habit. If you want to quit eating fast food and you are tempted to eat a Big Mac, instead of saying, “I can’t eat fast food,” you could say, “I am a healthy eater.”  The first response is negative, based on what you are doing.  The second is positive, based on who you are.

So who do you want to BE in 2024?  What steps do you need to take in order to become that person?  One possible step could be to reach out to a DREAM4 coach and explore your options.  We are here for you…whoever you may be!

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Organizational health doesn't just happen; it takes attention and intention. DREAM4 is a personal well-being and leadership development company that strives to help your organization in these 4 specific areas.
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Healthy People
Our Personal Wellbeing Plan provides a unique corporate benefit to invest in your people as people, not just employees.
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Healthy Leaders
Our Leadership Development Plan creates leaders who are trusted and effective.
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Healthy Teams
Our Team Building Plan equips teams to communicate and work with clarity and consistency.
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Healthy Organizations
Our method for Organizational Health produces honest evaluation and practical steps for developing a thriving, healthy work environment.

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