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"We are what we repeatedly do." - Aristotle
Dream4 team effectiveness increases with a healthy organization

Organizational Health Assessment

If Aristotle is right, the way to change who we are is to change what we do, but we can’t change what we do until we assess who we are.  Our first visit to the doctor starts with a health assessment. Schools have placement exams to determine where learning begins. Assessments are great tools to eliminate the guesswork around where we actually are and where we need to start.  We have found our health assessment to be a highly effective tool that enables companies to move forward with efficiency and accuracy.

There can be a disconnect between leadership and team members that doesn’t show up in production numbers but is felt in the atmosphere and attitudes of the employees. It’s whispered about across cubicles and in break rooms.  The disconnect, whether real or imagined, has repercussions that stifle open communication.  

Sometimes it is simple to identify how and why a company is struggling. Sometimes it is much more complex, but how can you improve what is wrong if you don’t know where to start?

DREAM4’s Organizational Health Assessment is designed around our Maturity Model. We know challenges within a company can affect every part of the organization from Personal and Professional to Leadership and Teams. 

It is the desire of DREAM4 to not only identify the starting point but create a clear plan and path to help your organization improve its overall health.

What's Included:


This meeting with the leadership team will allow DREAM4 to assess the perceived health of the team and discuss any particular areas of concern.

Initial Communication

How this assessment is presented to your organization is important.  DREAM4 will help you customize an introduction that is in alignment with your company values. 

Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment 

DREAM4 provides a 10-minute survey based on our Maturity Model.  Based upon the results, we tailor our follow-up interviews with a portion of your employees.

Debrief and Recommendations

After all information is collected, we put together a holistic summary of all the data.  A member of the DREAM4 team will discuss this information as well how your company can implement successful next steps. 

Executive Coaching

Leadership is lonely at the top.  If you’re doing it right, it’s actually not.  – Todd Henry

Many leaders feel like they have to go it alone.  And while the most successful leaders do not isolate, there is a weight and a burden that comes with leadership.  The DREAM4 Executive Coaching Plan acknowledges this weight and creates a safe space for leaders to share their thoughts and feelings.  

While the focus of the Executive Coaching is on the professional aspects of the leader’s life, there is also an aspect of personal mentoring.  This plan starts with the exploration of self-awareness by utilizing the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment.  With this lens, the DREAM4 Coach walks the executive through the personal wellbeing plan.  

In addition to personal goals, executives will pursue and be challenged to set professional, leadership, team, and company goals.  The goal is not to provide business advice but to hone; however, to hone the human skills that helps leaders be the most effective and influential versions of themselves.

What's Included:

Personalized Schedule

There needs to be a regular cadence of meetings (once or twice a month); however, the frequency is determined by the participant.


The DREAM4 Coach will set regular check-ins between meeting times in order to follow up on personal and professional items.


DREAM4 will utilize all available resources (personal connections, books, articles, etc.) to provide challenge and guidance to the participant.

DREAM4 Proprietary Material

DREAM4 will share material designed to build organizational health with the leader for use within their own company.

Strength In Diversity Workshop

A Harvard study of 829 companies over 31 years found diversity training had “no positive effects in the average workplace.”

It was very clear in May of 2020 that people were talking AT each other rather than having a conversation WITH each other. DREAM4 wanted to offer a different approach to the diversity conversation. 

Almost all consultation on DEI focused on what not to do, instead of what to do.  We created our Strength in Diversity workshop, which focuses on providing fundamental information instead of the connotative understanding of our culture.  This approach recognizes how diversity is an asset. How everyone has privileges, and how to have an open and honest conversation about our similarities and differences. 

The Strength in Diversity workshop is an interactive training experience with specific goals:

  • Teach the true meanings of diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Empower leaders to be proactive rather than reactive
  • Increase each participant’s self-awareness
  • Improve the decision-making process and actions of all employees

What's Included:

Customizable Formats

DREAM4 offers this workshop as either virtual or in-person.  Our preference for leaders is live, but we have trained companies across the country in an online format. 

Pre-assessment Survey

This allows DREAM4 to customize the workshop to fit the participants’ needs and to measure the effectiveness of the teaching as well.

Workshop event

- Leader’s workshop is three hours with two breaks to check in with the office.
- Team members' workshop, for employees, is 50 minutes and can be online.
- Post assessment and feedback sheet for Leader’s workshop is provided.
- A review of Pre and Post Assessment is also provided.

Continuing the Conversation

We provide guide sheets for leaders to follow up with their team. A DREAM4 Coach is also available to help prep the leader for continuing the conversation. 

Professional Development Studies (PDS)

“He who has a why can endure any how.” -- Frederick Nietzsche

Professional Development Studies is an open-ended approach to strengthening trust and communication within the leadership team. These sessions are more informal versions of our other Plans. They are designed to specifically create an environment, not just to develop the participants but to instill a mindset of investment in the whole organization.

The “Why” of PDS is two-fold:

  1. It is important for leaders to continuously explore the company’s path and ask the question: Is our focus on our Why or are we drifting towards the How?  
  2. PDS is a forum where trust amongst the team is created and strengthened. It allows for the freedom to express ideas and outside-of-the-box thinking.

Sometimes this process begins with a book study designed to create an openness in communication and/or stimulate a starting point for ideas, the discussion of challenges, or a road map towards a clearer understanding of “Why we do what we do.”

What's Included:

Personalized & Customized Curriculum

PDS is designed to meet your leadership team where it is.  DREAM4 will utilize your input to collaboratively determine the area of focus for the group.

Helpful Resource Material

Often PDS takes the form of a book study. DREAM4 has experience teaching human skills and team development lessons from several books including: The Noticer, The Question Behind the Question, The Energy Bus and The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive.

Human Skill Training

The skills of empathy, active listening, conflict resolution and having difficult conversations can be learned.  Learning these skills are always at the core of our PDS workshops.

Rejuvenating Effects

Too often, work can feel like too much work.  These more informal sessions remind participants of the fulfilling aspects of the job and focus on the “why” of our work.

Workshops & Retreats

DREAM4 Workshops allow you to take an active and experiential approach to day-to-day challenges inside your workplace. Workshops are offered in 2-hour, half-day, full-day and multi-day options with pricing dependent on length and associated costs. 

DREAM4 will collaborate with your company to create the most impactful experience for your people; however, we have a number of workshop topics that address the most common interpersonal challenges which include, but are not limited to:  

  • INSPIRE DISCUSSION – Communication - “What we have here is a failure to communicate.”  The most common challenge is how we communicate with one another.  This workshop teaches skills for active listening and learning effective ways to express oneself to achieve desired results.  
  • INSPIRE UNDERSTANDING – Conflict Resolution - Conflict is natural.  If left unaddressed, it will be detrimental.  If addressed properly, it will lead to personal and interpersonal authenticity, openness and growth.  
  • INSPIRE OTHERS – Servant Leadership - Leadership is not always innate; it can be learned.  This workshop teaches the skills of effective leadership – starting with the desire to serve others – and is perfect for the developing leaders inside your workplace.  
  • INSPIRE GROWTH – Giving & Receiving Feedback - It.  Is.  Not.  Personal.  That is the hardest aspect of receiving feedback for people to understand.  Learning how to give and receive feedback inside a workplace will allow your people to be more open and understanding, leading to a team-centric atmosphere.  
  • INSPIRE BALANCE – Work / Life - We all have difficulties and struggles.  We all have emotional baggage.  We all have to deal with this thing called LIFE.  When we are in a season of difficulty personally, we naturally bring that into our professional lives.  This workshop utilizes the DREAM4 model and methodology to inspire personal momentum to help your people live with intentionality.    
  • INSPIRE POSITIVITY – Mindset Matters - Positive psychology is not simply a rosy view of life.  It is scientifically proven, and a dialectic to psychopathology that shows our mindset effects all areas of our life.  This workshop explores scientific studies of positive psychology and teaches how to shift our daily mindset and subsequent results.  
  • INSPIRE VISION – Mission and Vision Statement Development - In order to have a successful and impactful workplace, companies must develop an established and impactful culture.  Culture is predicated on providing people something bigger to believe in.  This workshop is designed for high-level leadership to assess, evaluate and then enhance their company’s culture and organizational health. 

What's Included:

Personalized & Customized Curriculum

We want to meet your leadership team where it is.  DREAM4 will utilize your input to collaboratively determine the area of focus for the group. 

Helpful Resource Material

To create the best experience for your team, we utilize all proprietary DREAM4 material for our workshops and retreats.  We also believe that these one-time events should have long-lasting impact and want your team to walk away with tangible material to help them execute on the vision established in the retreat.

Human Skill Training

The skills of empathy, active listening, conflict resolution and having difficult conversations can be learned. Learning these skills are always at the core of our retreats and workshops.

Rejuvenating Effects

Too often, work can feel like too much work. These retreats get your team off-site or out of the typical routine and remind participants of the fulfilling aspects of the job and focus on the “why” of our work.

86% of employees and executives cite lack of communication or collaboration for workplace failures.
"DREAM4 has literally been the roadmap to my success. I like to explain the DREAM4 team as the compass to my roadmap. The DREAM4 program has helped me become a better leader, husband, father, and stronger in my faith. It’s really cool to see how self-centeredness can become self-awareness that converts to selflessness."
Business Development, Memphis, TN

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