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“Your life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change.” - Jim Rohn
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Personal Well-Being Plan

The DREAM4 Personal Well-Being Plan is a unique corporate benefit focused on the development of your people, as people, not just as employees.  It is an investment in their lives, their well-being.  It is an investment that produces a tangible return because we know that when someone is experiencing good things in their personal life, they bring that positive attitude with them to work.  We also know the opposite is true. 

Our Personal Well-being path is essential to everyone in the organization.  A healthy organization has people at all levels who are experiencing growth and success in their personal lives. 

We create a “safe space” where participants develop trust with their DREAM4 Coach and share their challenges and desires.  The key to making progress is to begin by telling yourself the truth. 

Our desire is to help each participant learn how to make better choices.  DREAM4 Coaches equip participants with the tools needed to create good habits. 

Participants will explore multiple Areas of Wellbeing and choose a couple of areas in their life they would like to work on. From this point the DREAM4 Coach will help guide each participant to create their own specific plan to reach their short and long-term goal(s). 

DREAM4 Coaches will regularly check in on their participants to encourage and monitor their progress. We love to celebrate when goals are achieved; and we understand how to support and encourage participants when they realize their desire really wasn’t what they wanted.

What is Included

Quarterly Meeting with Participants

We will pursue all your employees and seek to have at least one official D4 meeting with them every quarter.  An official meeting can be face-to-face, virtual, or on the phone and is specifically related to their personal wellbeing and the DREAM4 process.  While D4 may meet with participants more often at the beginning of the process, we understand how valuable their time at work is and do not want to be a distraction.

Regular Cadence of Check-ins

DREAM4 utilizes in-person and virtual check-ins with participants to follow up on their progress.  These check-ins may happen through the DREAM4 App, text, email or face-to-face, but the purpose is to provide consistent support and guidance as participants pursue their stated desires.

Quarterly Engagement Reports

While DREAM4 is an indirect expense to support your employees and organization, we realize the importance of demonstrating our commitment and efficacy of our program.  Every quarter, DREAM4 provides a report that shows the engagement of your team.  It shows how many people have met with a DREAM4 Coach (once and multiple times), the number of total meetings throughout the calendar year, and an overview of areas on which your employees are working.

Access to all DREAM4 Coaches

DREAM4 is intentional about having a well-rounded team of Coaches who resemble your organization.  While one or two DREAM4 Coaches will be primarily assigned to your organization, you have the availability of all Coaches.  Some participants feel more comfortable with a D4 Coach of the same sex or race, while some do not mind. Our Coaches come from a variety of backgrounds and have different experiences; however, all are well-trained in the DREAM4 methodology of human development.

Kick-Off Meeting

Once your organization decides to engage in the Personal Wellbeing Plan, we collaboratively create a rollout strategy to your team.  The strategy includes how to promote and discuss this new and unique benefit, as well as an official Kick-Off Meeting.  This meeting will introduce your employees to their DREAM4 Coaches, the Personal Wellbeing Plan, and help them get connected and start working as soon as possible.  The meeting usually lasts 30-45 minutes and should be held in-person and onsite if possible.

Promotional Material

The DREAM4 Personal Wellbeing Plan is a true partnership with your organization, and it is most effective when the company works to promote it from within.  DREAM4 will provide your organization with promotional material for all methods of communication.  We provide new ways to reach out to your team and remind them about the DREAM4 benefit every 4-6 weeks.  We create videos, emails, print-outs, and digital reminders of the program and also share encouragement and success stories.

Our DREAM Coach helped us fix our finances so we could buy our first home.
- Chad and Jennifer A.
My DREAM Coach helped me realize I could work full-time and go to college. I am on my way to graduating with a degree in finance.
- Dianna S.
During the pandemic my anxiety was off the charts. My DREAM Coach would listen to me. He suggested I speak to a professional, and he helped me find someone. My DREAM Coach really cared about me and listened to my ‘crazy’ without judging me.
- Tori J.
I had a wonderful experience with my Dream4 Coach. I had a personal issue I wanted to conquer. With the help of my coach, we devised a plan I could stick to. With his accountability, and us adjusting as we went along, I became more aware of myself, which made me a happier person, which made for a happier home. Ultimately, I was able to bring those changes to work.
- Jennifer G.

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How It Works

The DREAM4 Personal Well-being Plan is founded upon a simple yet profound process.  The goal is to build personal momentum in a desired area of the participant’s life.  Personal development begins with self-awareness – both a knowledge and comfort with your own strengths and weaknesses.  Then the participant begins working on making better decisions, building better habits and being able to be accountable to yourself.  DREAM4 Coaches are there to provide perspective, encouragement, accountability and challenge when necessary.
This approach in creating a successful well-being solution is centered on four basic steps:

  1. Desire:  Set a specific measurable goal. This might be, “I want to lose twenty pounds by Christmas.” Or, “I want to see the Northern Lights in Iceland in two years.”
  2. Resources:  Identify your current resources and start there. If additional resources are needed, they can be planned for; but do not let “I need” get in the way of “I have started.”
  3. Effort:  Begin taking action one step at a time. It takes on average sixty-six days to create a new behavior. By starting small the chances of success are higher than trying to tackle it all at once.
  4. Attitude:  We all have good attitudes and bad attitudes. Our good attitudes are important to help us see our goals and work towards them. Our bad attitudes tell us, “It’s too far” or “You don’t want to do it today.” The DREAM4 Coach helps each participant create a plan for when the negative thoughts creep in. It is a way to flip the switch from a bad attitude to a good attitude

The process of beginning the D4 Well-being Plan is simple.  A new participant is given the opportunity to meet with an assigned DREAM4 Coach.  During this brief (about 30 minutes) meeting, the employee and DREAM4 Coach spend time getting to know each other and developing trust. 

Based on the initial meeting the DREAM4 Coach will suggest a “homework” assignment to help the participant begin thinking about what he/she wants in life.  This could be any type of goal – what a person wants to do, stop doing, achieve, etc.

The DREAM4 Coach will offer to check in with the participant to see how he/she is progressing with the “homework.” A follow up meeting will be set up to review the participant’s dreams and create a personal plan to achieve the desired goal(s). The DREAM4 Coach will then regularly follow up to encourage the participant.  A face-to-face follow up meeting will be set for the next quarter to discuss how the plan is going, make adjustments, and add any next steps towards success. 

As the participant near the goal, the DREAM4 Coach will suggest exploring the next goal on the participant’s list in order to keep the participant’s personal momentum going. 

Our Personal Well-being Plan Commitment

The DREAM4 Personal Well-being Plan is a unique program, and as such, we want to make sure our partners feel comfortable in what to expect throughout the duration of the partnership.  With that in mind, DREAM4 makes the following commitments to our partners and their employees:

  • Confidentiality and its Limits:  All conversations between a DREAM4 Coach and the participant will remain confidential.  The confidential nature of the DREAM4 relationship is the basis for trust.  The only time confidentiality can be broken is if a participant discloses thoughts or plans to hurt themselves, another person or is actively taking part in an activity that could hurt their employer.
    • In addition, if a participant discloses any mental health struggles, the DREAM4 Coach will make a recommendation and connection to a local resource that is licensed and equipped to help the participant more acutely.
  • Professional Boundaries:  DREAM4 understands that the participant’s first responsibility is to the company as an employee and will not become a barrier to the employee’s efficacy.  This means the DREAM4 always considers the employee’s schedule when setting a meeting and does not meet too frequently.
  • Professional Boundaries, Part II:  As a part of the Personal Well-being Plan, DREAM4 Coaches do not advise employees on any tasks or responsibilities that deal with their job.  If participants wish to discuss their professional lives, DREAM4 emphasizes the soft skills needed to handle the situation.  
    • If a participant discloses a desire to leave the company, the DREAM4 Coach cannot disclose this information; however, he or she will counsel the participant to consider all his or her options and the perspective of the organization as well.  If the participant chooses to leave, the DREAM4 Coach will offer guidance on how to “leave well.”
  • Personal Boundaries:  While the relationships formed between DREAM4 Coaches and participants are friendly, DREAM4 Coaches are helpers first and set healthy boundaries and limits with participants around topics discussed and frequency of communication.  


Healthy People FAQs

How is DREAM4 Coaching different from therapy/counseling?

DREAM4 wants to help people get out of their routines and ruts and discover living. To take the “Some day I want to . . .” and create a plan and establish the good habits to get there. Therapy/counseling focuses more on past events and how they are affecting a person's mental well-being.

DREAM Coaches will refer someone to therapy/counseling if the need presents itself, but their focus is to help a person learn to make good decisions and create healthy habits to experience the best in his/her personal life. 

How Do I Know This Will Benefit My Organization?

Both truth and perspective are important in making choices in life.  Often people look to their friends and family for these points of view.  And, too often, our friends and family want to tell us what we want to hear rather than what we need to hear. 

We want our people to be successful in life and work.  Sometimes success is experienced by hearing a hard truth rather than what makes us feel good.

Why Should My Company Hire a DREAM4 Coach?

You don’t leave “life” at the house when you come to work. Your company invests a lot of money and time in salary, benefits, training, and equipment. All the resources necessary to do the job.

DREAM4 Coaching is the resource to handle life. To help your employees create a path towards personal progress and success. We create a “safe environment” where employees can discuss their challenges and dreams without fear of judgment or perceived retribution. 

We help your employees learn to tell themselves the truth, to redirect their thoughts to what they have control over – their choices, their actions. We guide them in learning how to make good decisions and create healthy habits, and to follow a plan for success. 

What is the DREAM4 commitment to confidentiality?

Yes. We want our participants to be able to speak freely. We want a trust relationship where the participant knows we have their best interests at heart. 

DREAM4 Coaches will break this confidentiality if the participant indicates that he/she is planning to hurt themselves or his/her actions will hurt others.

How Often Do Participants and DREAM4 Coaches Meet?

Life is a journey and goals are milestones along the way. Initially, a DREAM4 Coach will meet about once a month for 30 – 45 minutes to establish trust and create a plan with the participant. Once the plan is created and the participant begins to follow it, the meetings will move to about once a quarter. 

The DREAM4 Coach will reach out during the break between meetings to encourage and keep the participant mindful of the goal. 

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

Yes. If a participant and DREAM4 Coach create a plan, and the plan is followed, he/she will achieve the goal.  It is our desire that every participant is successful. We will do our best to encourage and hold each participant accountable to the plan. We cannot do the work for them.

We have a record of success.  And our success is based on the success of our participants. 

Will working with DREAM4 increase employee satisfaction?

We believe investing in your people and helping them achieve personal success is an essential part of creating a higher employee satisfaction rate.  We also know that when employees are happy in their personal lives, they bring that positive attitude into the work environment which benefits organizational health. 

Healthy people, healthy leaders, healthy teams create a healthy organization.

"DREAM4 has literally been the roadmap to my success. I like to explain the DREAM4 team as the compass to my roadmap. The DREAM4 program has helped me become a better leader, husband, father, and stronger in my faith. It’s really cool to see how self-centeredness can become self-awareness that converts to selflessness."
Business Development, Memphis, TN

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