Our Values

Our Values

We believe that the healthiest organizations are devoted to a set of values that drive decision-making.  Core values demonstrate what is important and what is not.  They show what behaviors are fundamental and irreplaceable.  

And as with all of our other processes, our core values are iterative - they build upon one another and can and should be acted upon repeatedly.  

Our Core values are also not the standard definition of the words - they mean something specific to our people.  

Truth: Progress starts when you tell yourself the truth.  We are rooted in something larger than ourselves, personally & professionally.

Trust:  It is the foundation of every relationship.  We intentionally invest our time to build trust with our team members and our partners. 

Intention:  There is a purpose and plan behind all we do.  We pursue that plan with passion, consistency, and grit. 

Influence:  It is the key to effective leadership.  We earn our influence through authenticity and humility, and we choose for our influence to be positive. 

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