Make It Invisible

“But I just can’t STOP wanting it!” she exclaims as an awkward silence filled the area around us in the otherwise bustling coffee shop. 

As the customers around us slowly began to return to their coco-mocha-cream-latte-frappe-whatever, I asked a question, “What role does this habit play in the goals you are committed to?” 

Knowing the answer, she sighed, “It doesn’t.” 

“So how do you form another habit to replace this one?” 


In the book Atomic Habits, the author offers a simplified path to self-control: make it invisible. “People with high self-control tend to spend less time in tempting situations.” While this may sound simple, it is not easy, Especially when a temptation is common or even humanly necessary like food, work, relationships, and money. 

The brain will not forget a habit once it is ingrained; however, you can beat the “system,” by eliminating the presence of things that trigger an emotional response. The old or bad habit offers a chemical response the brain now craves (ex. dopamine, adrenaline, oxytocin, and serotonin). By avoiding certain things a person can “reboot the system” so the brain and body can normalize.

  • Put yourself in a healthier environment. When the healthier choice is easy, self-control is easier. 
  • Reinforce positivity. When you celebrate the good, it takes the focus off the negative.
  •  Fall off the wagon? Get back on. When a trigger causes a slip, tweak the plan to avoid the trigger.

You may always want “it” on some level, 

but if you make it invisible, healthier choices will become the habit.

As always, your coach is here to help you on this journey. Let them into the process and offer support toward goals in making new habits work for you in life and work. We believe you’re worth it. Do you?

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"The flow from a blind spot down to isms was never something that I’d put into words the way that your team did; I feel like it gave me some better understanding on how others think, so I can help moderate DEI conversations in the future... Your team does an INCREDIBLE job of presenting the information in a relatable, non-judgmental way, which is just so refreshing. I liked being a part of a cross-country training."
Anna R.
HR Professional, Brunswick, Maine

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