Make it Obvious

“Many of the actions we take each day are shaped not by purposeful drive and choice, 

but by the most obvious option.” - James Clear in Atomic Habits


Strategies to make your habit cues obvious

  • NAME a time and location -  I will read at noon in the conference room
  • DESIGN your environment for success - Leave the book out on my desk
  • STACK your habit with another already established habit- I will take my book with me when I grab my lunch at noon


Consider how you might design your environment to make your cues obvious:

If you want to eat healthier, put the apples on the countertop in a pretty bowl, or put the veggie sticks at eye level in your fridge.

If you want to floss your teeth consistently, place the floss beside your toothbrush.


Consider how you might practice habit stacking to make your cues easy:

Morning preparation - After I wipe the countertop, I will set up the coffeepot for the next day.

Practicing gratitude - When I get in my car for the drive home, I will think of three things I’m thankful for.


The process of behavior change always starts with awareness. Be aware of cues - do they set you up for success? Contact your DREAM4 coach for help in modifying your cues for good habit formation!

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