T.E.A.M Well-being is Crucial

Determining what well-being is in 2021 can feel like a guessing game, especially in the corporate world. Ever-increasing screen times, tons of conference calls, and new productivity need have become the norm. It can feel like a never-ending journey to create a work-life balance. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Well-being and balance are achievable, and here are 4 tips to successfully supporting your team’s WHOLE being – even in the workplace.

Thank your team! Show them that you value their well-being by encouraging self-care, encouraging them to take vacation time, and urging them to utilize company health and wellness benefits.

Encourage your teams to take care of their whole beings. Given so many different things going on in and around us, it can be very easy to neglect ourselves. So, remind your team (and yourself) to consider personal and professional needs because fragmenting how you care for yourself can allow particular areas to become neglected.

Allow Remote Days to Renew Focus and Remove Distractions. Now that things are slowly returning to the normal we once knew, schools, offices, and organizations are opening back up. It is important to embrace some of the benefits and lessons we learned from remote operations. By continuing to include using remote working as an option for teams can be beneficial in helping people maintain balance, focus, and productivity. This will benefit the team member, the team, and the company overall.

Make Recognition and Praise Part of Your Company’s Culture. No one wants to feel like their work is unappreciated. With this in mind, recognizing your team’s combined and individual efforts is vital to crafting a positive and productive culture. It lets teams and team members know that their contribution and work get results and are needed to reach goals. And as a leader, it says, “You are seen, heard, and valued.”

You can take several other approaches to ensure that your teams are productive AND avoiding burnout, but these are some simple staples to guide you in the process. No matter which direction you take, start with the end in mind. Determine the outcomes you want from and for the team and identify the best methods to implement.

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Organizational health doesn't just happen; it takes attention and intention. DREAM4 is a personal well-being and leadership development company that strives to help your organization in these 4 specific areas.
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Healthy People
Our Personal Wellbeing Plan provides a unique corporate benefit to invest in your people as people, not just employees.
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Healthy Leaders
Our Leadership Development Plan creates leaders who are trusted and effective.
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Healthy Teams
Our Team Building Plan equips teams to communicate and work with clarity and consistency.
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Healthy Organizations
Our method for Organizational Health produces honest evaluation and practical steps for developing a thriving, healthy work environment.

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