The 4S’s You Need for Successful Leadership

Being a leader is so much more than just having a specific title.  It requires understanding and commitment to a vision that impacts the lives of so many people. Then there’s the need for the characteristics that solidify leaders as people of influence.

So, if it’s not just about titles, what makes for successful leadership?

Let’s focus on four characteristics that drive success as a leader.

1. Selflessness

“You can’t do the right thing in the moment if you’re selfish” ~ Allen Ritter

Humility is the key; it must be authentic. This is the strongest character trait a leader can develop, but it takes hard work. It is not natural. We must learn to truly notice those we lead as well as their world if we desire to be successful and effective leaders.  Selfless leadership takes practice, but it is the foundation for becoming a person of influence. 

2. Servanthood

“The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader is a servant.” ~ Max De Pree

Motivate with Servanthood.  If we do not believe that each person is someone we want to invest in, then we should never hire them. We must accept the responsibility to inspire and develop them. We must communicate that we believe in them to the point that they are worth our focus and energy. To serve is to acknowledge the value of another and to follow-up on that in the most effective ways. 

3. Sacrifice

“He who would accomplish little must sacrifice little; he who would achieve much must sacrifice much; he who would attain highly must sacrifice greatly.”

Mentor with Sacrifice.  As a leader, we ultimately must invest our time, at both planned and unexpected moments, into the lives of those we lead. Growth demands that we multiply ourselves by sacrificially mentoring a few people to think as we think. There is no greater professional satisfaction than to breathe into someone else who can come along behind you to lead and effectively develop others.

4. Stature

“The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love, and loyalty.” - Zig Ziglar

Influence with Stature.  Being a leader of stature is about what we are known for. What’s your reputation as a leader?  When we lead selflessly from a place of servanthood and sacrifice, then we have achieved a level of leadership and influence that compels people to trust and support us.  We are purposely engaging in leading by example, which not only takes us higher but sets a tremendous standard for others to follow. 

Being a leader is a powerful position, and it requires us to be conscious of what we do as well as what we say, because what we say always speaks louder than our words.  Adopting the 4S’s allows us to change the example that leaders set with their actions.  

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