Leadership Development

Balancing Relational Leadership
Recently I had a conversation with a young store manager. “I like people. I’m friendly to my team and want to have a good relationship with them.…
Transformational Leadership
You don’t have to spend long in the working world to recognize multiple types of leaders. Certainly, every kind of leader motivates, challenges, and…
5 Skills Leaders MUST Have to Engage with Employees Facing Challenges
Over the last few weeks, we have discussed engagement on several different levels inside of organizations.  We have explored how leaders engage with…
Don’t forget that you lead a team of PEOPLE
Keeping Your Team on Top
Most of the time, professional development is much overlooked and underappreciated as a team member retention and recruitment tool. In fact, it’s…
Leading by Example – Essential for Maximizing Productivity
Leading by example will never go out of style. Modeling our organizational values is the first step toward creating an inspired and engaged…
How Do You Model Trustworthy Leadership When Everyone is Working Remotely?
Your team needs your trust and compassion, so any strategy to build their trust in you must start there. Here are a few ways to build trust with their…
Emotional Intelligence, the Superpower of Influential Leaders
Leadership skills are often viewed as payroll processing, project management, and understanding the laws related to having employees.
Leadership 101 – Choose to be Proactive
Proactive behavior usually refers to self-initiated behavior that is anticipatory and often change-oriented. It means that we choose to anticipate…
"The flow from a blind spot down to isms was never something that I’d put into words the way that your team did; I feel like it gave me some better understanding on how others think, so I can help moderate DEI conversations in the future... Your team does an INCREDIBLE job of presenting the information in a relatable, non-judgmental way, which is just so refreshing. I liked being a part of a cross-country training."
Anna R.
HR Professional, Brunswick, Maine

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