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Leadership 101 – Choose to be Proactive
Proactive behavior usually refers to self-initiated behavior that is anticipatory and often change-oriented. It means that we choose to anticipate…
The End in Mind: Three Steps to Stature
Stature refers to the high level of earned respect or esteem to which one is regarded.  Being a leader who has developed stature over time is an…
6 Ways that Leaders MUST Sacrifice to Gain Influence and Positively Impact Their Team
Being a leader is about so much more than a title or role.  Leadership is the opportunity to guide others to success.  And while that sounds like a…
Servant Leadership: Flip the Organizational Chart Upside Down
In the typical power leadership model, we are told to serve those to whom we report.  However, authentic servant leadership flips the hierarchy…
Selflessness: From A Boy to a Man
Tanner plopped down in his chair, slouching back, and didn’t even wait for William to say hello. He began an exasperated rant, almost spitting as he…
You Had Me At . . .
In life, our routines can slowly turn into ruts. It’s the same in business and leadership. “We’ve always done it this way” doesn’t mean it…
Leaders Need Leaders - Connecting and Learning at the Top
The worldwide pandemic of 2020 has been difficult for every leader to navigate.  It has also generated some new habits that have proven to be very…
Is Your Company's Work-Life Balance Approach Costing You Great Team Members?
As leaders, it’s essential to understand how crucial it is to retain good, top-performing team members. Often, organizations end up creating a…
Wellness Is About the WHOLE Person, ALL the Time
As we continue exploring the never-ending struggle to find, hire, and keep skilled employees, we know that “employee wellness” has become a…
Employees Will Work for Less $$$
A quick summary, a TRUUE survey tells us that millennials would work FOR LESS in a culture that fits them. And BizLibrary states that when employees…
Employee Retention: Mentors Can Provide an Edge
Individuals born between 1980 and 2000, known as Millennials, currently comprise nearly half of the American workforce. By 2025, this segment of the…
Passion is Not a Fruit: It’s Not Seasonal
We all have “one of those days,” but when “those days” turn into weeks and months, there’s a problem. It’s called a lack of passion. …
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