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Make It Invisible
“But I just can’t STOP wanting it!” she exclaims as an awkward silence filled the area around us in the otherwise bustling coffee shop.  As…
Make it Obvious
“Many of the actions we take each day are shaped not by purposeful drive and choice,  but by the most obvious option.” - James Clear in Atomic…
Make it Automatic
Habits are mental shortcuts learned from experiences.  The 4 steps in creating habits is known as the habit loop: Cue - I hear a ping on my…
Identity Based Habits
Most of the time we base our habits around what we want to do rather than who we want to be.  When we do that, our habit change can often be surface…
Baby Steps to Positive Strides
Forming habits, good or bad, starts with baby steps. Of course, your D4 coach wants you to form good habits.  Little changes can add up to big…
Right Now
The idea “new year, new you” simply is not true.  When the clock strikes midnight on the last day of December, there will be no magic spells or…
What Went Well?
It’s the end of the day. Your head hits the pillow.  What’s running through your mind?  Are you reliving everything that went wrong?  Are you…
Take Off the Mask
Are you faking it? When someone asks you how you’re doing, do you put on the “I’m good” mask? Do you even realize you’re wearing a mask?…
Don't Fall Back
The first official day of Fall will be upon us shortly, so take a moment to reflect on the summer months (go ahead, I’ll wait).  Where were your…
Refuel Your Mind and Body
When refueling your car, what are you required to do? You must stop. You must choose the correct fuel. You must wait. Similar to the car, you must…
Digging Deep
The Empire State Building, The Sears/Willis Tower, The World Trade Center, The Burj Kalifa, the list goes on. These and other tall buildings are known…
Celebrate or Start Again
It’s June, and for some, you’re halfway to your 2023 goal; for others, well . . .   This is a great month to celebrate or start again.  If…
"DREAM4 has literally been the roadmap to my success. I like to explain the DREAM4 team as the compass to my roadmap. The DREAM4 program has helped me become a better leader, husband, father, and stronger in my faith. It’s really cool to see how self-centeredness can become self-awareness that converts to selflessness."
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