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The Mid-Year Review
July 1st marks the middle of the year, the beginning of the second half – which can be an unsettling time. For some of us, the rest of the year…
How to help your team avoid burnout
Is it poor performance or a sign of burnout?
As a leader, it can be frustrating when one (or multiple) of your team members are cynical, disengaged, or unproductive. And it can be extremely…
We know what causes burnout, but what does it look like?
As we continue to learn from our experiences of 2020, we will find more areas of collateral damage from our COVID-19 journey. The additional layers of…
The Power of Praise
At the beginning of 2020, I set a goal toward improving my physical wellness. It was a simple goal: move my body with intention (i.e., exercise, sweat…
T.E.A.M Well-being is Crucial
Determining what well-being is in 2021 can feel like a guessing game, especially in the corporate world. Ever-increasing screen times, tons of…
Corporate Culture and a BBQ Sandwich
The Importance of Wellbeing in 2021
Leadership is fundamentally about setting a vision and persist over the long run as we lead ourselves and others to take on big challenges and work…
Does the way you’ve been measuring productivity still work with remote teams?
Working remotely is the new norm for so many companies across so many industries. Expanding or adding remote workgroups to your operations model…
Standardized Processes Drive Results
Almost all fears are rooted in two related aspects of the human consciousness: a lack of control and a lack of knowledge. No one likes to feel out of…
Well-Being is for your Whole-Being
Have you heard of the COVID nineteen?  That’s the nineteen pounds someone puts on working from home.  We kind of smile and joke about it, but…
Leading by Example – Essential for Maximizing Productivity
Leading by example will never go out of style. Modeling our organizational values is the first step toward creating an inspired and engaged…
" I’ve always worked with my guys on hitting production numbers. It never occurred to me to work on my guys. THAT gave me a new perspective."
Supervisor, Mobile, Alabama

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