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Equity is the Opportunity for Everyone to Succeed
I hadn’t seen Danny in a couple of weeks at the grocery store, and I was worried. Danny has Downs Syndrome, and I was afraid he had contracted the…
How Do You Model Trustworthy Leadership When Everyone is Working Remotely?
Your team needs your trust and compassion, so any strategy to build their trust in you must start there. Here are a few ways to build trust with their…
The Truth About Diversity that Can Change Lives
I got the meaning of diversity wrong for a very long time. I’m not sure if it was something I picked up in corporate training or just general…
Emotional Intelligence, the Superpower of Influential Leaders
Leadership skills are often viewed as payroll processing, project management, and understanding the laws related to having employees.
Do It the Way We’ve Always Done It … & Do It Perfectly.
As we look forward to 2021, we have been examining leadership traps to avoid.  We should be able to agree that we all have room to grow and…
I Can Work With A Narcissist
“My boss is a narcissist.”  “He’s so arrogant.” “I can tell her the sky is blue, and she’ll argue it’s RED!” “I can’t get a…
Leadership 101 – Choose to be Proactive
Proactive behavior usually refers to self-initiated behavior that is anticipatory and often change-oriented. It means that we choose to anticipate…
The End in Mind: Three Steps to Stature
Stature refers to the high level of earned respect or esteem to which one is regarded.  Being a leader who has developed stature over time is an…
6 Ways that Leaders MUST Sacrifice to Gain Influence and Positively Impact Their Team
Being a leader is about so much more than a title or role.  Leadership is the opportunity to guide others to success.  And while that sounds like a…
Servant Leadership: Flip the Organizational Chart Upside Down
In the typical power leadership model, we are told to serve those to whom we report.  However, authentic servant leadership flips the hierarchy…
Selflessness: From A Boy to a Man
Tanner plopped down in his chair, slouching back, and didn’t even wait for William to say hello. He began an exasperated rant, almost spitting as he…
You Had Me At . . .
In life, our routines can slowly turn into ruts. It’s the same in business and leadership. “We’ve always done it this way” doesn’t mean it…
"DREAM4 has literally been the roadmap to my success. I like to explain the DREAM4 team as the compass to my roadmap. The DREAM4 program has helped me become a better leader, husband, father, and stronger in my faith. It’s really cool to see how self-centeredness can become self-awareness that converts to selflessness."
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