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Deciding to Decide
One essential characteristic of solid, mature leadership is decisiveness. This is true in both personal and professional matters. Effective leaders do…
Combating Decision-Fatigue … Together
A study from Columbia University decision researcher (yes, that is a position), Sheena Lyengar, found that on average, Americans make 70 conscious…
Perspective From The Pantry: Personal Decision-Making/Using Resources
“There’s nothing to eat!” I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard that statement exasperatedly yelled from our kitchen by one of my kids.…
The Truth: Self-Awareness Stories
“I don’t have an eating problem.” Says the fat man as he eats his second fast food hot apple pie.  “It’s not me, it’s him” she thinks…
We All Wear Masks
We all wear masks. And in this case I’m not speaking of the literal masks that we’ve all gotten accustomed to wearing on our trips to the grocery…
The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness
The title of this narrative is taken from Timothy Keller’s book by the same name. Self-forgetfulness - true humility or selflessness - is a rare…
Writing Your Story
“If you want something and don’t get it, that means you really didn’t want it, or you tried to bargain over the price.” – Rudyard Kipling…
Change is Good ... You Go First
Everyone likes staying in his or her comfort zone. After all, they call it a “comfort” zone for a reason. The truth is, change happens to us…
Good to Great
We should NEVER settle for just “good enough;” we should always stretch from good to great – the best we can be!!  Here are imperatives about…
There is No Try
We must refuse to keep using “lack of time or confidence” as an excuse to not get started. Those excuses are simply a form of procrastination.  
On Being an Adult
One of the four (4) steps in the DREAM4 Maturity Model is the Step of Self-Accountability.  In other words, the step of “being an adult.”  What…
Think Differently
As you begin 2019, we simply want to send you the best wishes, both personally and professionally, for a great year. As you make decisions, in all…
"The flow from a blind spot down to isms was never something that I’d put into words the way that your team did; I feel like it gave me some better understanding on how others think, so I can help moderate DEI conversations in the future... Your team does an INCREDIBLE job of presenting the information in a relatable, non-judgmental way, which is just so refreshing. I liked being a part of a cross-country training."
Anna R.
HR Professional, Brunswick, Maine

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