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The One Thing That Effects Everything
Daily leaders face multiple operational challenges while seeking to establish and maintain performance standards consistently. The evaluation of…
Don’t forget that you lead a team of PEOPLE
The Benefits of Benefits
Sandra sits at her desk and stares into space as she holds the phone to her ear and covers her mouth with her other hand. Her eyes fill with tears as…
Keeping Your Team on Top
Most of the time, professional development is much overlooked and underappreciated as a team member retention and recruitment tool. In fact, it’s…
Invest in Your People & Develop Loyalty
It is not always easy to figure out how to invest in team members. It is up to leaders to design jobs that are too good to leave. Great leaders…
The Unseen Contributions of a Leader
Many leaders relegate their contribution to knowledge, experience, directives, and/or a “get it done” ability. While all of those are valued…
Increase Your Influence & Support Your Team
bout 70% of the American workforce is disengaged, to some degree, at work. Furthermore, the #1 reason for this problem is that American employees…
It Takes Effort to Build a Team
Back (way way back) in college, I had several classes that involved working in small groups. It wasn’t long before four of us who were working…
Significant Support for Our Teams
Too often, we get caught up in our own worlds, in our never-ending to-do lists.  This is not unique to leaders; however, it is particularly…
Is your team waiting for your permission to create a balance between home and work?
With an increasing number of people logging in to work remotely, and where a staggering 1.7 billion employees - approximately half of the world's…
The Mid-Year Review
July 1st marks the middle of the year, the beginning of the second half – which can be an unsettling time. For some of us, the rest of the year…
How to help your team avoid burnout
"DREAM4 has literally been the roadmap to my success. I like to explain the DREAM4 team as the compass to my roadmap. The DREAM4 program has helped me become a better leader, husband, father, and stronger in my faith. It’s really cool to see how self-centeredness can become self-awareness that converts to selflessness."
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