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Remember Your Why
“You only hit the targets you aim at.”  “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single…
Drop the Ball
You’re three months into your goal!  How are you holding up?!   If you were sitting with John Acuff, author of Finish, he would tell you, “The…
Cut Your Goal in Half
Do you want to drastically increase your chances of meeting your goal?  Cut your goal in half. Increase your timeline. Chances are, you have begun…
Don't Be Perfect
According to multiple studies, 92 percent of New Year’s resolutions FAIL. WHY? The number one reason is PERFECTIONISM. We start off strong, but as…
Create A Habit Before An Expense
You can spend the money, but if you don’t change your habits the treadmill will be an expensive clothes hanger, and the gym and online coach will…
DISPELLING MYTHS: “Company culture should just develop “organically?"
From recruiting the right people to hitting our bottom-line targets, organizational culture plays a pivotal role. But it’s not a case of “one size…
Balancing Relational Leadership
Recently I had a conversation with a young store manager. “I like people. I’m friendly to my team and want to have a good relationship with them.…
Transformational Leadership
You don’t have to spend long in the working world to recognize multiple types of leaders. Certainly, every kind of leader motivates, challenges, and…
5 Skills Leaders MUST Have to Engage with Employees Facing Challenges
Over the last few weeks, we have discussed engagement on several different levels inside of organizations.  We have explored how leaders engage with…
Leadership – AIM a Little Higher
Most leaders realize that Aristotle was largely correct.  But it seems that developing the actual habit of being a good leader gets lost in our daily…
How Disengaged Employees Become an Epidemic
Did you know that being disengaged in the workplace in contagious? It would be fantastic if every team member was excited about and engaged with their…
Salary Does Not Equal Satisfaction
For the last month, we have spent time debunking corporate culture myths. We have covered these topics because of one simple truth: creating a healthy…
"The flow from a blind spot down to isms was never something that I’d put into words the way that your team did; I feel like it gave me some better understanding on how others think, so I can help moderate DEI conversations in the future... Your team does an INCREDIBLE job of presenting the information in a relatable, non-judgmental way, which is just so refreshing. I liked being a part of a cross-country training."
Anna R.
HR Professional, Brunswick, Maine

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