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New Habits in Four Phrases
Several years ago, I was a part of a meeting which had a “repeat after me” session.  It went something like this: Please repeat after me the…
The Sacred Season
Over the next 60 days we will travel through a calendar that includes Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day. Each of these…
The Importance of Desire
Everyone is created for a unique purpose – but how many actually find it? How many actually ignore or minimize the “tugging of their heart” and…
What Holds You Back?
A group of people were passing the elephants, confused by the fact that these huge creatures were being held by only a small rope tied to their front…
Telling Your Story
Are you a DREAM4 dreamer?  Only you know for sure.  We have kept our promise not to ever share your story.  But here’s the question: is it time…
The Moment of Truth
It was interesting to watch the reaction of everyone on the boat immediately after this moment of truth.  People behaved in very different ways. 
Get Up & Show Up
Bringing a giraffe into the world is a tall order. A baby giraffe falls about 10 feet to the ground during the process and usually lands on its back.…
"DREAM4 is an essential piece of the culture and leadership strategy for our company. I can not imagine having to balance creating an excellent culture with handling operations without support. I honestly don’t have the bandwidth. As our company is growing, it has been a great benefit to have the tools and resources that DREAM4 provides to help me develop and mentor our leaders and team members. Most culture support starts at the top and forces its way down. With DREAM4, we are building a strong culture foundation that grows from the bottom up."
Vice President of Operations, Huntsville, Alabama

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